Sinister Southern Spirits

Owner/Author Silla Webb, and her family, bring their love for the paramomal history and hauntings of Savannah’s sinister past to life through a nightly stroll down the cobblestone streets of the Historic District.
Beneath the sprawling Spanish Oak Trees, the ghosts of Savannah whisper their stories to the passersby, hoping their past will not be forgotten. Take a stroll with the Gatekeeper, and become acquainted with our spirits. We offer affordable pricing and take pride in making our tours scary, fun, and educational for each guest. All of the stories you will hear are thoroughly researched for the most accurate accounts.
Silla Webb is a Romantic Suspense Bestselling Author. She has a unique passion for the spirits of Savannah, Georgia and hopes to connect the city’s visitors with the knowledge and conflicting stories of the most famous and notorious haunts. From the beautiful love-stories, to the sinister and depraved, Sinister Southern Spirits has a story for everyone.